Ja-mya & the Journey

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MARCH 26, 2013

Check out this review of my book by a former teacher of three of our children.  Thanks Ivon.  http://ivonprefontaine.com/2013/03/25/the-journey/?fb_source=pubv1

MARCH 12, 2013

Have you ever struggled with wondering if you are ‘normal’?  I have had a number of my clients and students ask themselves this question.  Some have even wondered if they have a mental health issue.  While recognizing the reality of mental health conditions (I currently work daily with clients with mental health concerns), I have also found that some characteristics are more accurately understood through a personality lens rather than a label lens.  What gets labeled ADHD can also be somewhat characteristic of the Seven personality.  Depression is found most often in the personalities that are more introspective.  The reticence of a Five doesn’t always need to be ‘fixed’.  Anxiety of the Six is ‘normal’ to them.

I had a friend tell me that the newest DSM is so detailed that each of us will find ourselves somewhere within its categories of mental concerns.  My question is “How is a defect understanding of ourselves useful?”

The beauty of the Enneagram is that although it begins by showing us common categories, it opens us up to seeing ourselves and the other person as truly unique.  The categories are more about understanding ourselves rather than labeling the Other.  When we understand the category or ‘trance’ we are caught in, then the opportunity for stepping outside of the box/category we are trapped in, becomes apparent.

The medical model of categories moves us towards health by adding in medication.  The Enneagram model of “categories” moves us towards health through self-awareness – something that all spiritual teachings challenge us to do.

MARCH 5, 2013

A number of years ago a friend introduced me to the Enneagram. My interest was piqued and I requested that I be able to use some in-depth studies of it as part of my Masters course. After taking some training inVictoriaand thenDenver, I became a certified teacher and began training others.

What I didn’t expect to come out of it was a personal life transformation. I began to understand the concept of self-awareness in a way that I hadn’t been introduced to before.  I began to see my relationships to my husband and children in a new way.  It felt good and by embracing the teaching it began to bring about a peace that had been until then, skirting around the edges of my life.

As I continued with my private counselling practice, I allowed the teachings of the Enneagram to inform how I sat with and listened to, clients.  I was amazed at how it shortened the time we needed to sit in sessions.

One day, as I was counselling a young high school woman, I realized that if she had been taught some of the basics of the Enneagram, she probably wouldn’t be sitting with me that day.  A few months later I was talking with our granddaughter, Madison, about some struggles she was facing and again I wondered about how to express to her some things I really wanted her to know.

So taking into account that the Enneagram isn’t to be taught in-depth to anyone under the age of 25, I decided to write a fantasy that would reveal concepts without doing it directly as I did in my training.  I also knew thatMadisonwould have fun reading a fictional story. And so, Ja-mya and the Journey was birthed.

My hope is that not only teens will find this interesting and insightful.  I believe that most of us still enjoy story-telling as a way of learning.


FEBRUARY 27, 2013

The Enneagram changed my life and my marriage.  I wasn’t expecting that, instead I had thought it would be fun to teach and tell others about.  Looking inwards at my own journey wasn’t something I was very comfortable with earlier in my life.  Now it is a practice that does not threaten or frighten me.

Over the last 10 year of studying and teaching the Enneagram, I have watched the unique gentleness in which this teaching informs us of our own particular “addiction” or trance (refer to Gabor Mate’s book In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts  to understand the definition of addiction that I use).  Many of my clients have found clarity, understanding and insight into themselves and their relationships.

One day while counseling a young woman, I realized that if she had been taught the basics of differences in personality at a younger age then she probably wouldn’t be in my counseling office.  From there my thoughts turned to my granddaughter and how to teach her.  Ja-mya and the Journey was birthed.

FEBRUARY 23, 2013

I was about 9 or 10 years old when I became excited about writing a book.  Our family often took driving trips.  Since this was before hand-held video games, i-pads, vehicle video consoles, etc., I would often make up stories to entertain my younger brother and sister.  My older brother would listen in and if my memory is correct, even add a few details himself (although I was kind of bossy and probably didn’t always accept his ideas!)

One year on a driving trip to California, I found my niche – scary stories.  When we got home I decided that I would write, edit, illustrate and publish a book myself.   The cover was cardboard, the interior was paper sheets glued to the cardboard with my typewritten script, my artist’s medium was pencil crayon.  I only published one copy which didn’t make any money but I knew my audience was limited so I was satisfied.

The interesting thing is that I clearly remember thinking how ‘cool’ it would be to write this scary story but when I went to put it on paper, all my bravado left me.  I succumbed to the ‘happy ever after’ ending!

FEBRUARY 11, 2013

I found out today that I like to sell myself short – to the point where I will be paying Amazon for the privilege of having my book!  The price change isn’t huge and shouldn’t cause anyone too much grief.  It now sells for 14.95 in Canada and 16.95 in the US (of course plus tax and S&H)

FEBRUARY 7, 2013

Have you ever had the experience where you wished you had sat down with a relative – parent, uncle, aunt, grandparent – before they died and listened more to the stories they had to tell?  Maybe it’s a sign of a certain stage of life that we reach when we begin to desire to know our history more.  For me, I like to be proactive.  I’ve found myself often thinking ahead of my current situation (potentially beneficial and potentially detrimental depending on the underlying issues).  I trust that this attempt will prove beneficial not only to my granddaughter but to other young people as well.  I also hope that parents will choose to use this in a proactive way with their young children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

A quote from an already loyal reader  –

“I read Ja-Mya and enjoyed it very much.  It struck me that it would be not only a good book for teens or tweens to read, but also a good story for parents to read to their younger children.    Very imaginative, and “chock a block” with insights, parables and morals. Well done.  Are you planning to do more?”  Daniel R. McDonagh, lawyer

JANUARY 20, 2013

Ja-mya and the Journey is now ready for ordering through www.shoppagemaster.ca.  It can also be ordered through Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.

DECEMBER 13, 2012

Ja-mya and the Journey can be ordered from www.shoppagemaster.ca beginning in January 2013 .  Cost is 11.95 plus S&H.  Enjoy!!

DECEMBER 9, 2012

The introduction to Ja-mya and the Journey:

This story developed during a dark time in my life.  I had time on my hands and was finding it hard to face the continual worrisome thoughts that refused to stop being my daily companion.  So I decided to take the advice I often gave to my clients of how to not think of a pink elephant.  The answer was to think of blue alligators.  The point being that if we were having some bothersome thoughts then replacing them with something else takes up the space and leaves no room for the initial thoughts.  Obviously this is a form of distraction and something which needs to be done with intentional thought to avoid being destructive to us.

During a walk one sunny afternoon, my husband and I were breathing deeply of the fresh air, noticing the beauty of nature and telling each other stories about our childhoods.  At one point, my husband pointed out an unusual hollow stump and asked, “I wonder what lives down there?”  My mind immediately went to fairies, trolls and various fictional creatures.

A few days later when the daily pain crept back I decided that thinking about fairies might be my “blue alligator”.  From there my mind went back to the days when I made up scary stories to tell to my siblings.  I realized that even though I had never enjoyed writing that I had always been a story-teller.   This prompted me to begin to make up a story for my then 11 year old granddaughter.

As the initial outline of the story formed I began to ask myself what some of the messages were that I wanted to pass on to her.   Having studied the teachings of the Enneagram extensively in previous years while studying for my Masters in Counseling, I realized that I really wanted her to begin to understand something about the different ways in which people think and how these thinking patterns can often lead to problems in our lives and misunderstandings in relationships.  If I had known some of these things at a younger age would it have helped me to cope better with my life?  I can only wonder. Along with this question was the realization that the younger generation is often more perceptive then we give them credit for.  If our society seems to feel no concerns regarding inundating our children with pictures and stories of violence and sex at a young age why would we hold back in being proactive and intentional in giving them the beautiful and positive messages at just such a young age?

So I decided to create a society that acted differently than the one we currently live in.  This created society contains the values I’ve come to hold gently and lovingly within my spirit.  This is not a story that tries to create the perfect society but it is a story that is willing to wonder “what if?” And, who knows, maybe the next generation will be able to experiment with the “what if?” Although I’ve tried to make the subject matter interesting my main focus has been to open up thoughts surrounding personalities and our inner emotional world.  With that in mind I trust you will find something instructive as well as entertaining within these pages.

DECEMBER 3, 2012

Currently being printed.  Watch for launch details.

Teagan and Andrew have an eventful summer ahead of them on Uncle Jared’s farm.  It is the last place they are expecting to find excitement.  While exploring the farm, they find themselves caught in a fourth dimension experience with the Wise Woman, the Ancient One and the Enkians.  During their travels they learn about their Heart’s Desire and what it means to become self-aware.

Ja-mya and the Journey is a fantasy where astonishing new worlds and characters are encountered by two ordinary teenagers.  This journey finally brings deep insight into their lives. Woven into the story is the wisdom of the Enneagram–a time-honoured personality typology.

Ja-mya and the Journey will be enjoyed by anyone who finds story-telling to be an interesting way of learning about themselves, their connections to others and their world.




Dragon illustration by Madison Taylor Hamand,  cover art by Tiffany Tate.